External donations (preferred)

If you really wish to donate, first I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart! ❤️

Second, I would prefer you donate to any of the projects used in this script. They are the ones doing the real work, I just created a docker-compose file, a couple of bash scripts, and a documentation.

Just let them know YAMS sent you there 😎

Donations to YAMS

If you really REALLY want to donate to YAMS, you can donate here, but only after you donate to one of the other projects!

I’m not doing this for the money, and thank God I don’t need donations to keep this project up and running. This is just a fun project I did for me and my friends 😀

Special thanks

And finally:

You 🫵, for being such an amazing human being, checking out my project, and (hopefully!) using it on your media server.

Thank you! 🙇