I don’t want to configure YAMS manually, is there a pre-made configuration?

Yes, but I do not recommend using this option if this is the first time you configure YAMS. You can check the instructions here: Easy mode.

Why did you choose <this_software> instead of <that_software>?

Because. That’s why it’s opinionated, you don’t necessarily have to agree with me. This setup is aimed at noobs and first time media server enthusiasts. You can always use my sources and fork the project 🔥

I want to use YAMS in Windows. Can I do that?

You might have success running YAMS manually in Windows with docker, but I recommend you check out WIMPS, a YAMS inspired setup for Windows. According to its developer /u/zachfive87, “WIMPS isn’t a finished project and is very rough around the edges” but you’ll might have more success running WIMPS in Windows.

YAMS’s configuration is too basic. I want more!

And you shall receive! If you want a more deep configuration, I strongly recommend you checking out TRaSH Guides. The configurations there are extensive and very specific, I strongly recommend them!

Can I add more containers to the VPN network?

Yes, you can!

Go to this link and follow the instructions! For reference, your docker-compose file should be in your/install/location/docker-compose.yaml. If you used the default install location, it should be in /opt/yams/docker-compose.yaml.

Common issues

How to fix common issues with YAMS.